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It is an alternative solution for restaurants, cafes, restaurants and pastries.

  • Depending on demand, the number of glass can be 2  or 3 .
  • The windows move horizontally, up and down.
  • The system is moving with the engine. Buttoned and controlled start can be given. Both can be applied.
  • 8-10 mm tempered glass is used.
  • The aluminum frames on the sides provide insulation thanks to the 67 x 1500 filters.
  • A 3 mm x 25 mm inner rope, durable belt is used to lift the windows up. It makes it work quietly.
  • There are 8 roller bearings on the side channels that allow the glass to move freely and take up space.
  • The maximum dimensions are 4250 mm in width and 2600 mm in height.
  • 15 units can be controlled with one controller. You can stop the windows at the desired location.
  • When the room is in the open position, the glass guard raises the glass because 3 pieces of glass stand side by side.
  • When the place is closed, it provides sound, heat and water isolation.
  • it is safe  . It also does not require a lock.

At the top you can ventilate the place without feeling the discomfort of wind as open as you want.

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